The james bond

The James Bond cut is notoriously clean and sophisticated—shaken, not stirred. You’ll omit confidence and class, but frequent upkeep is a must to keep it polished.

The Modified skrillex

Definitely for the more adventurous guy, The Modified Skrillex look channels an electro-rock attitude. Try it out if you’re looking to take a style risk or headed to Electric Zoo. And if your mom comes to down, the hair on top can swoop down to cover that close side shave.

The bed head

Great for surfer-types or boy bands, The Bed Head mop is young and playful—but not for corporate America. Despite its name, this look takes a lot more meticulous effort than you’d expect.

The caesar

This Roman style just won’t quit. We last saw The Caesar a decade ago on the buff Gladiator actor Russell Crow, and it recently resurfaced with Gerard Butler. Perfect for the low-maintenance man, this short crop is hot again and here to stay.

The flow and comb

If you want length, but not the full coif, The Flow and Comb styled look works for any professional. Less douchey than the slicked-back businessman, adding length here is key. Chris Hemsworth cleans up nice on the red carpet with this style.

The let it grow

From Brad Pitt in those Chanel No. 5 ads to post-Demi Ashton Kutcher, The Let it Grow has become masculine again. But beware of the Fabio; letting the length go past your shoulders will leave you looking like the cover of an old romance novel. “It’s a hard haircut to achieve because it takes a while to grow,” says Medico. “But once there, it is low maintenance.”

The James dean

If you can rock the leather and sex look without the cheese, The James Dean says movie star swag. This style has body and pomp, but is still clean cut enough for the office. Ryan Reynolds opts for this more relaxed-stylish look.

The mainstream hipster

Arguably the most popular style right now, dudes looking for edge are going sky-high with The Mainstream Hipster. And it works for men of all ages—we’ve seen this look on the likes of Justin Bieber and David Beckham. “This one’s an attention getter,” Medico says. “It’s not for the wallflowers of the world.”

The prohibition high-and-tight

From Boardwalk Empire to Lawless, the 1920’s Prohibition High-and-Tight has made a strong comeback. This style is trendy, but still masculine enough for the masses. Tom Hardy rocks this look with scruff – maintaining a badass image.

10 best new hairstyles for men

From Boardwalk Empire trims to flowing coifs, the old is new again with this season’s hottest hairstyles.From prohibition inspired looks to Brad Pitt’s shoulder-length do, rules are out the window with men’s hairstyles this season. These cuts are making a statement whether short and styled or au naturel. We looked toElle Medico, men’s grooming expert for advice on making these trends work for the everyday man.

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The mountain man

This year, men are letting their scruffy Mountain Man beard grow full—and we’re not just talking Mandy Patinkin. Even metro men like Ryan Gosling and Adam Levine are wearing their whiskers long. For a flattering hairstyle, juxtapose with a classic clean square cut.